English texts of The Open House

Efrén Cuevas

Book The Open House: Home Movies and Their Contemporary Recycling

Published in Spanish as: Cuevas Álvarez, Efrén (ed.), La casa abierta. El cine doméstico y sus reciclajes contemporáneos, Madrid: Ocho y medio, 2010.
Contents available in English

Table of contents

Michael Renov. "Historical Discourses of the Unimaginable: Peter Forgács' The Maelstrom" [link to  Forgács' web page]

William Wees. How It Was Then”: Home Movies as History in Peter Forgacs’s Meanwhile Somewhere... [link to a revised version published after the book in Jump Cut]

Karen Ishizuka. Through Our Own Eyes: Making Movies with Japanese American Home Movies

James Moran. “Home movies, amateur cinema and avant-garde: Modes of distinction

Alan Berliner. The Family Album. “Selected Journal Entries [link to Berliner's web page, with an extended version of the journal entries published in Spanish]

Alan Berliner. Like My Father Before Me”

Sandhya Suri [I for India]. Short Interview

Ralph Arlyck [Following Sean].Home Brew

Contents available in Spanish

Índice e introducción

Efrén Cuevas. “De vuelta a casa. Variaciones del documental realizado con cine doméstico”

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